Okay so speaking of eggs and who and master evils of love.
it appears my dearest friend, toshiba-san has hit the common error of motherboard failures and thus, is lost at sea with the ghosts of dead computers.
One day i decided to check my video progress,and well before you know it….A BEAM OF LOVE SPREADS ALL THROUGH MY SCREEN AND DEVOURS MY POOR COMPUTER LEAVING IT HELPLESS AND DEFENSELESS….and it died.

So i apologize on the lack of deleted stuff and further whovian material that I had planned FOR THE DAY OF THE EGGS….I Mean asylum stuff, But i promise once my new computer comes in that i will post on both channels and giving you laughter and love and that comfort feeling knowing that you:re not the only egg- I mean human. i am a human…….on this planet! I wonder how many who jokes i got in this eggsazing blog today. Does my chin look big?

Also I am still waiting on the material from Steamline Productions for the awesome rad 1080p stuff that was not released due to major acting malfunctions or some nature stuff.



Do not take the paths of negativity. It will only leave you in a moment where you cannot breathe and you drown in your own sorrows. Keep your head lifted, aim for goals you think are impossible….doing that will get you places you’ve never seen or been before. Take risks in your life that you are afraid of doing, i.e. going to a bigger college that is miles from home. Study abroad, saying hi to that boy in the hallway even if he’s apart of the “popular” group. Don’t be afraid! You are already beautiful! You are already handsome! The world shouldn’t tell you something you, yourself, already knows about!

Life is a rollercoaster and you may never know when that huge dip may be but know that you can, and will, get right back to the top again. I’ve had my shares of sadness, everyone does but it’s the strength to keep yourself up. To keep going. Too look at life with a smile and be thankful you are alive.

Getting to japan was my most happiest moments in my life, and I have so much more to come! And so do you! I’ll be right here for you! Don’t be afraid! Yukeh is back! and ready for saddened hearts to embrace and show the world her smile!

I started the viral train ride.

I went to bed with 2 views and 12 hours later I see 5.3k views. I feel this is a dream. A full-out dream! It’s so surreal! But I guess this is what getting viral feels like!
I recieved so much sharing help and this wouldnt have been possible without sharing help! This feel fantastic!! Whovians uniting is a blessed gift! ❤ ❤

The Day of Hardcore! 2012!

So after a few days of resting and deciding where my life is actually going…haha
I survived The Day of Hardcore! what the hell is The Day of Hardcore? I’m glad you asked!

Every year on August 5th, Japan celebrates Hardcore music! In what way you might ask?
FUCKING HARDCORE PARTIES! THAT’S WHAT! Something I’ve noticed most about these kind of Hardcore parties, especially this one, Japanese people can be themselves for once.
Everyday they confine themselves to a natural environment but when it’s time to party, they go nuts!!
Literally. haha But still! It was fantastic!

My friend Yumichan offered me a chance to match the sexy X-Rangers:
Who they dance for shows as the sexy gogo dancers for DJs!
All five of those girls are so remarkable!
Yumichan is fantastic in designing and sewing.
Dengenkichan is loveable and so full of energy!
Asakochan is gorgeous(beyond belief!) and is amazing with photography!
Rinkochan and Marichan are both the sexiest girls I have ever met! They’re brave, gorgeous and show who they are with their style and I LOVE it!

So our matched outfit was an Army Girl style! Sexy too ;3
(That car is fucking sexy by the way!)
Be before we were in yukatas and I was able to remember how to tie my obi and helped Yumichan and Rinkochan <333 it was such an exciting day!
One of my favorite photos (:!

After we changed to the sexy time 😀 And danced for our guest: DJ Tanuki!

Dancing made me maybe loose 4 pounds haha. I was literally soaked in sweat but it was too much fun!!!!


If you are ever in Japan August 5th………..YOU BETTER GO TO THIS. It’s the best experience you can ever have!

More songs on the way!

Today I finished recording 4 new upcoming songs!!

  • Galaxy Dream
  • Kandiland
  • 8-Bit Love
  • Time Travel Maybe 

So please keep your eye open and fingers ready on the “New Release” section!
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