Newest Releases!

Here is where you can find out my  newest releases of CDs, what I do and where to get them!

Rhythm Control 2 has been released!!
Click herefor Apple users.
Coming soon for Android!

“Laugh with your Heart” will be available on the next DLC pack!

Check out their facebook page!

A WIP of a next release! 😀

Final opening of my Official Soundcloud account!

Recent and first remix by DJ Eufeion!

My 4th CD release! Excited!!

Another release that will be out on a popular rhythm game in the USA! TBA!!

A small voice clip!

You can get the CD from here:

Morning Light Remixed by Fracus&Darwin!!

EP Remix(My first CD release!):

You can get the CD from here:

DJ DEPATH&M-Project – Return To Zero

You can get the CD from here:

It all started with a game called Rhythm Control:
Designed and created by Daikon Media AB
☆ #1 Music game in the Japanese App Store! ☆
And soon Rhythm Control 2 will be released!

I collaborated with DonkTerroist under Rhythm Control
Which guided me into other Djs!

My first vocal piece with DonkTerrorist!
Original Morning Light:

I began my journey in voicing with a company called Anime Midstream:
I worked with them until the company moved locations in 2012.
I myself was moving so it all worked out!
I played the lead role as Jin Hyuuga! It was quite fun!!


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