Okay so speaking of eggs and who and master evils of love.
it appears my dearest friend, toshiba-san has hit the common error of motherboard failures and thus, is lost at sea with the ghosts of dead computers.
One day i decided to check my video progress,and well before you know it….A BEAM OF LOVE SPREADS ALL THROUGH MY SCREEN AND DEVOURS MY POOR COMPUTER LEAVING IT HELPLESS AND DEFENSELESS….and it died.

So i apologize on the lack of deleted stuff and further whovian material that I had planned FOR THE DAY OF THE EGGS….I Mean asylum stuff, But i promise once my new computer comes in that i will post on both channels and giving you laughter and love and that comfort feeling knowing that you:re not the only egg- I mean human. i am a human…….on this planet! I wonder how many who jokes i got in this eggsazing blog today. Does my chin look big?

Also I am still waiting on the material from Steamline Productions for the awesome rad 1080p stuff that was not released due to major acting malfunctions or some nature stuff.


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