Do not take the paths of negativity. It will only leave you in a moment where you cannot breathe and you drown in your own sorrows. Keep your head lifted, aim for goals you think are impossible….doing that will get you places you’ve never seen or been before. Take risks in your life that you are afraid of doing, i.e. going to a bigger college that is miles from home. Study abroad, saying hi to that boy in the hallway even if he’s apart of the “popular” group. Don’t be afraid! You are already beautiful! You are already handsome! The world shouldn’t tell you something you, yourself, already knows about!

Life is a rollercoaster and you may never know when that huge dip may be but know that you can, and will, get right back to the top again. I’ve had my shares of sadness, everyone does but it’s the strength to keep yourself up. To keep going. Too look at life with a smile and be thankful you are alive.

Getting to japan was my most happiest moments in my life, and I have so much more to come! And so do you! I’ll be right here for you! Don’t be afraid! Yukeh is back! and ready for saddened hearts to embrace and show the world her smile!


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