The start!

So here I am!
Starting my first official blog!
I’m excited~ It reminds me of the good ol’ days when there’ wasn’t much to the internet so we wrote things out!
Except typing is much easier…and saves trees!
Hi everyone! I’m Yuki!
Most of you know me, and for those that don’t. HIII!!! \o/
I started up this blogging system because I’ll officially be living in Japan soon and this is a way for people to keep themselves updated about my adventures!  I’m pretty excited about this….because I’ve wanted this for YEARS!!!
After all the trouble and craziness, I’ve made it through the worst and now…starting to see what things I did work for come to be!

You should never give up on things you truly want in life…unless it’s a person and you go about stalking them….We might have an issue then..unless they like it………ANYWAYS! I’m so near 1,000 subscribers on youtube and I’m so excited for this!! My goal is get at least get past it the end of his year and more!!
Sharing and telling people about my channel is the number one thing you can do to help! You have no idea how the power of sharing can really get to!

Do keep updated on my pages and I’ll be sure to update them frequently!!
Thanks for reading!!



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